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What is Form IMM 5009 Used For?

What is Form IMM 5009 Used For?Form IMM 5009 is used for two main purposes: to apply for a VOS (Verification of Status) or to replace specific types of immigration documents.

Verification of Status

You may need to complete this form to secure a Verification of Status, which provides proof of immigration information. If you need to prove where and when you entered Canada or need a Confirmation of Permanent Residence, work or study permit, Record of Landing, deportation or exclusion order, Visitor Record or an Authorization to Return to Canada, you may need to fill out Form IMM 5009 to secure a Verification of Status.

Replacing Lost and Stolen Documents

If you had a temporary resident document but it was lost or stolen, you will also want to use Form IMM 5009 to replace your document so you can prove your status. To use the form for this purpose, you will need to file a police report and have the report number to show your document was stolen or lost.

You can use Form IMM 5009 to replace:

  • A Study Permit
  • A Visitor Record
  • A Permit to Come Into or Remain in Canada
  • A Temporary Resident Permit
  • A Work Permit

If you want to make changes to your existing document because it is no longer accurate, do not use Form IMM 5009. If the document you are trying to replace was issued in Newfoundland before 1949, you will need to contact The Rooms in St. John’s. If the document you are trying to replace is more than 75 years old, you will need to contact the Canadian Genealogy Centre Library and Archives Canada instead of using the form.

Filling out Form IMM 5009

If you need to file Form IMM 5009, be aware that the form includes a request for personal details in Section A and information about the documents being requested in Section B. You will only need to complete Section C if you entered Canada before 1973. You will need to pay a processing fee and provide acceptable supporting documents with your application.

If you need help filling out and filing Form IMM 5009, Immigration Direct has many resources to help you. We have detailed information about the forms, explained clearly and with everything you need to be included. We also have updates about any changes to this form and additional information so you can approach filing with confidence. Check out our resources today to make your application a little easier.

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