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Citizenship Week Celebrations Underway!

Citizen Taking OathCitizenship week is a time of the year where Canadian citizens can celebrate all of the things that make Canadian citizenship great and for permanent residents to take their citizenship oaths and become new citizens!

The Canadian government and particularly Citizenship and Immigration Canada work together to create many events that Citizens and new citizens can take part in.

Although citizenship week is almost over, that doesn’t mean there’s not still time to participate in the celebrations. It doesn’t even mean that you might not have a chance to become a citizen.

Citizenship applications and oaths are accepted all year long.

Some of the citizenship week celebrations are symbols of national solidarity, such as the lighting of the CN Tower with the country’s colors, red and white.

There will also be citizenship re-affirmation ceremonies where people who are already citizens can go to a public gathering place and re-take the oath. By doing this, a person can declare their patriotism and dedication to Canada with other people of like mind.

New citizens will be invited to take their oaths during this auspicious week as well.

Permanent residents who have lived in Canada for three out of the four past years can apply for citizenship as long as they have a clean record and are able to pass a language and knowledge test.

With citizenship, a person can’t be deported and their status cannot be revoked. Citizens are also allowed to carry Canadian passports which are very useful for international travel as they represent the backing power of the Canadian government.

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