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CIC News Update—New Welcome to Canada Handbook

A Citizenship and Immigration Canada press release announced that a new version of the Welcome to Canada handbook on April 2, 2013.

“The new edition of Welcome to Canada shows our commitment to helping the citizens of tomorrow experience a smoother transition into their new community and into the Canadian workforce,” Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney said during the unveiling.

The CIC is not only responsible for the processing of immigration requests, but also has an interest in integrating immigrants successfully into Canadian culture.

Using the Welcome to Canada handbook is regarded as being essential to immigrants for a successful transition. It is available on Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website.

Topics discussed in the guide are varied and address every aspect of immigrating to Canada.

The guide is divided into 15 sections and is approximately 148 pages long. The sections are:

  1. Important things to do before and after you arrive in Canada.
  2. Canada: A brief overview. Includes information about the geography, climate, government and culture of Canada.
  3. Sources of information. Provides immigrants with ways to obtain more information.
  4. Your rights and freedoms in Canada.
  5. Canadian law and justice. Describes how Canada’s court system works.
  6. Important documents. Describes permanent resident cards, social insurance cards and health cards.
  7. Improving your English and/or French. Proficiency in one of Canada’s official languages is essential to successful integration.
  8. Employment and Income.
  9. Education. Education is compulsory to a certain extent in Canada.
  10. Housing.
  11. Health care in Canada. Health care is public in Canada.
  12. Money and finances.
  13. Transportation. Rules regarding getting around Canada.
  14. Communications and Media.
  15. Community Connections. Stay connected with immigration services.

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