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Canadian Genealogy Resources

Geneaology can be a fun hobby to pursue from a young age and well into adulthood. Residents or citizens of Canada may find tracking down their family tree to be particularly engaging because the majority of Canadians are descended from immigrants.

The study of one’s family tree uses a great deal of patience and research. During your studies you may find yourself compiling a rather dense history of your own family.

But why bother compiling this history? Well, people have many different reasons to study genealogy. Some people do it for religious purposes or simply out of curiosity. Some people want to learn more about the life of a specific member of their family. You could even potentially compile the information you find into a small book to be privately published to be distributed to your family. What a gift that could make for any holiday!

Great Lakes Region

The first place to start when compiling a family tree is of course interviewing your own, living family members. People who actually experienced events are what are called first hand sources and are therefore the most reliable for your research.

However, if you go back farther than the lives of your oldest relatives you will need to use documentation created by the people of the time about your family. One of the most useful documents that you may be able to find is an immigration register.

When immigrants entered North America their names and places of origin were collected and recorded. By contacting the Canadian United States governments you can learn a lot about where your family members originally came from.

So begin your research today and become that much closer to your family’s roots!

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