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CIC News Update—Backlog Reduced

Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced Tuesday that it has reduced the number of immigration application backlogs have been reduced by 40 percent.

The CIC, under the leadership of Minister Jason Kenney, has been very focused on ensuring that applications are processed in a timely manner as to attract more highly qualified immigrants to the country.

The policy that the department has taken up in recent years is that immigrants contribute to the overall growth of the Canadian economy and considering the tough economic times, this policy is extremely important.

In order to reduce the backlog of immigration applications the CIC has stopped accepting new applications to address waiting immigrants. The CIC will begin to accept new applications at the end of the year.

A couple of programs have been halted in the past year to make room for more important applications. Investor visas are an example of this pause.

Some programs that help bring immigrants to Canada for work have been put on pause as well to improve their processes.

The CIC believes that the immigration system should be as efficient as possible to ensure the success of Canada, a country that has been traditionally reliant on immigration for its growth.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada is the department of the Canadian government that is responsible for the processing of immigration forms and the investigation of immigration fraud.

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