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News Update: Fraud Prevention Month

March is Fraud Awareness month in Canada and Citizenship and Immigration Canada is recommending that immigrants become familiar with immigration fraud.

Although there are many legitimate companies out there designed to help immigrants, there are also individuals out there who are simply looking for a quick payoff and getaway.

By knowing more about how fraudsters trick people, immigrants and citizens alike are better equipped and less likely to be exploited.

Just like many other industries and organizations there are some people who try to sneak through the cracks and trick some unsuspecting people into giving them money. Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Minister Jason Kenney, of the CIC, is focusing on marriage fraud for this year. Marriage fraud can be a particularly cruel and sad form of fraud. Canadian citizens are sometimes tricked into marriages of convenience with an immigrant so that they can get citizenship, however, the whole thing is just a ruse and the immigrant spouse will leave their Canadian citizen spouse as soon as they think it is safe to.

This isn’t to say that marriage fraud is the most frequent or only type of fraud perpetrated in Canada, but rather it is just the focus of this year’s fraud prevention month. There are many other fraud schemes out there that Citizenship and Immigration Canada are working toward eliminating.

CIC has been focused on making immigration easier for legitimate applicants and simultaneously making it harder to cheat the system and valid newcomers to Canada.

A news release from Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced that the organization will be focusing on four different things to prevent fraud.

The plans are to end fraudulent immigration consultants, to find and bring to an end marriages of convenience, discover residency fraud (where someone claims residency, but does not live in Canada), and the continued development of the International Student Program.

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