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National Occupation Classification System

The National Occupation Classification system is designed to standardize job descriptions for work related immigration in Canada.

Immigration Direct has descriptions of some of these classifications in the website’s article section.

By specifically stating what the job is, employers and employees are better able to connect on an international level: for employees to find jobs and for employers to find employees to fill certain positions.

There are job descriptions for almost every type and class of job or profession that one can think of.

These descriptions are numbered and usually follow a general format. The various names of the position are listed at the top. Then the duties of the job are described. This generally includes what the worker is expected to do while on the job. The requirements for the job (such as education, experience, certification, qualification or others) are last on the page. Often, the employer will ask for proof that the applicant has put actually achieved these requirements.

An added benefit of the National Occupation Classification is that it gives employers a basis for work appraisals. When performance reviews come around you, as the worker, will be glad when your job is well-described, because that way the person assessing you will have an objective scale to base your performance on.

Say you don’t have a clear job description. Are you doing your job correctly? How would one know if it has never been clearly defined?

Also, when immigrating, at some point during the process you will have to find a company to hire you and to then explain to the CIC how, exactly, you are qualified for the position. With a ready job description in your hand you can simply mark off the bullet points to show your qualifications.

Be sure to check back in with Immigration Direct for more information about the National Occupation Classification and the jobs it contains!

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