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IMM 5257

The Canadian immigration form IMM 5257 is the application for a Temporary Resident Visa. By applying for this set of benefits one can apply for entry in Canada for a limited period of time.

Temporary visas are given to foreign citizens and permanent residents to visit Canada either on work, tourism, vacation or to visit family. However, upon entering Canada there is a limited period of time that visitors are allowed to stay before they have to leave.

TRV recipients

There are some circumstances where foreign travelers do not need to file for a visitor visa. Many countries have agreements with Canada that allows their citizens to travel to Canada without needing to file for a visa. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has a list of these countries on their website.

There are some requirements that must be met in order to qualify for a Temporary Resident Visa if you need one:

  • You will have to prove that you intend to leave Canada on the date that the immigration officer says that you must.
  • You must also prove that you have the funds to take care of yourself and your accompanying family while in Canada. You must also be able to secure return transportation to your country of origin.
  • Unless you also apply to work or study in Canada you cannot do either. Classes of very short duration are sometimes accepted.
  • While in Canada you must obey all of the laws established by the government.
  • Being healthy is also a requirement for coming to Canada temporarily and you may have to have a medical examination conducted before entering the country.
  • People who present a risk to the state of Canada or the well-being of its citizens are not allowed into the country.

There are many great reasons to come to Canada, but it is important to pay close attention to obeying the law and following the necessary requirements. After all, after you come to Canada you will most certainly want to come back and visit again!

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