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How to Get an Albertan Driver’s License as a Permanent Resident

Alberta is a very large province and although there is public transport in the southern part of the province you may find that you want a car to get around on your own. After you become a Permanent Resident in Canada you can start driving as soon as you obtain an Albertan driver’s license.

Driving in Canada

For all of the provinces and certain countries this can be as easy as exchanging your old license for your new Alberta license. You must surrender your previous license because it is illegal to have two driver’s licenses in Alberta.

If you do not have a driver’s license already you will have to pass both the written and practical driving exams. You will also need documentation that establishes your identity and your right to reside in Alberta.

Any of the following documents will establish your identity for the purpose of obtaining a driver’s license:

  • A driver’s license from another place,
  • A valid passport with your immigration papers,
  • A NEXUX Card (A document that expedites your entry into Canada),
  • Your Permanent Resident Card.

Additional documents will be necessary in order to support your identification that shows your name, birthday, and other identifying data. Any of these documents would be suitable:

  • Birth certificate,
  • Marriage certificate
  • A bill that is regularly mailed to your address such as for gas, power, telephone or cable,
  • Your Permanent Resident card,
  • Your student visa,
  • Your temporary residence visa,
  • A citizenship certificate if it was issued after February 12 of 2012,
  • Income or property tax documents,
  • Insurance policies.

Notes: The Alberta government prefers that you use original documents, but certified copies may also be accepted.

After you have passed the tests, submitted the correct documents and filled out forms you will receive your Alberta driver’s license. This license can also function as a form of quick and reliable identification in many different situations.

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