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Canadian Medicare in Alberta

Canada has a national health care system called Medicare which is administered by each individual province or territory. There is some variation between provinces in terms of coverage. However, nationwide health care coverage is available to Permanent Residents through what is called a Single Payer system. This means that doctors and physicians simply bill the government for services rendered to you. Unless you seek supplementary care you are unlikely to see any medical bills.

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Because Medicare is administered on a province level it is important to register with that province’s system. In the case of Alberta you will register with the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan as soon as you become a Permanent Resident. You should do this as soon as possible so that you can receive coverage as soon as possible as well.

Your medical information is private and it is important to maintain your privacy. You should apply in person at one of the many Alberta Health offices throughout the province in order to keep your health information secure.

When applying you must first fill out the AHCIP Coverage Application Form either at home or at the office. You will also have to provide three documents that prove that you are eligible to receive health care in Canada.

To prove your residency in Alberta you will need any one of the below which shows your name and current address:

  • Alberta driver’s license,
  • Alberta registries identity card,
  • A recent utility bill for your residence,
  • Pay stubs, bank account statements, or other documents may be used as long as they have your name and address on them.

A government issued photo ID must also be submitted and it should display your name, date of birth and portrait. These IDs cover this requirement.

  • A passport,
  • A Canadian Citizenship Card,
  • A permanent Resident Card,
  • A Federal identification card,
  • A recent driver’s license from Alberta.

You must also prove that you are allowed to be in Canada. This requirement can be met with any of the below:

  • A Canadian passport,
  • A Canadian citizenship card,
  • Canadian birth certificate,
  • Permanent Resident Card,
  • A Canadian entry document.

After your application has been accepted you will be able to seek healthcare anywhere in Alberta.


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