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Canadian Immigrants: World Class Authors

Canada has long been known as a nation of immigrants. Other than the First Nations people who live throughout the provinces every person in Canada is an immigrant. Generally these people emigrated from other commonwealth countries, former possessions of the British Empire, however, there are many immigrants who live in Canada from all over the world. All of these people start out as Permanent Residents before becoming citizens. If you are interested in immigrating to Canada to join the ranks of distinguished Canadian citizens Immigration Direct can help the process be as easy as possible. Sign up today!

Canadian culture is rich and varied and literature from the third largest country in the world is particularly respected in world literature criticism. Many of these renowned writers were immigrants themselves.

The author of The English Patient, Michael Ondaatje, was born in Sri Lanka and immigrated to Canada when he was 19 and became a citizen soon afterward. The English Patient eventually became a famous and award winning film and the book won a number of awards as well for being a generally compelling story.

Yann Martel, the author of Life of Pi, was born in Spain, however he was also born a Canadian to diplomat parents. Life of Pi has won several awards by itself and is about to be released as a movie to theaters.

Canadian literature contains a number of themes which make it particularly unique. Canadian humor, a distinct sort of humor, is almost ever-present. Multiculturalism which has become a part of the government of Canada as well as its culture is part of Canadian literature. Due to its past as a rugged frontier themes about nature, self-reliance and pioneering become distinct parts of Canadian literature.

Read some Canadian literature and become enticed to become a Canadian Permanent Resident!

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