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Canadian Immigration News

In order to better protect the Canadian immigration system from potential fraudsters Citizenship and Immigration Canada has implemented some new regulations regarding family visas.

Using fraudulent marriages has been in the past a popular way to cheat the system in Canada, but Minister Kenney has taken steps to ensure that a couple’s marriage is indeed real before they are granted Permanent Residency.

Permanent Residency is a status granted to immigrants that allows them to live, work and study in Canada and is the first step to becoming a citizen of Canada.

Previously, some people looking to become permanent residents in Canada would make marriage arrangements with people who were already Canadian. When they got married the immigrant would then be granted Permanent Resident status and could soon after divorce their spouse. Sometimes the Canadian citizen would be in on the scheme and sometimes they would not be and end up cruelly devastated.

Now, newly married couples (married for less than two years) without children will be granted conditional permanent resident cards for two years to ensure that their marriage is true. There are some restrictions for people who are in violent or dangerous marriages.

This is part of the Kenney administration’s recent crackdowns on immigration regulations in response to increased numbers of immigration fraud. Conservative control of the Canadian government has led to increased enforcement of governmental regulations.

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