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Permanent Residency in Canada Becoming Easier

Becoming a Permanent Resident in Canada is becoming easier thanks to the help of its conservative government and the efforts of Minister Jason Kenney. Though it may be easier to become a Permanent Resident, the process is not without its peccadilloes and troubles. Immigration Direct makes immigrating to Canada easier.

Though the Harper government has been criticized as being unable to change anything rather significantly in its time in power it is undeniable that there has been a lot of change enacted in the world of immigration reform.

Earlier this fall a large number of immigrants who had recently been granted citizens had their statuses revoked due to fraudulent applications. Next year, 2013, is expected to have the largest influx of immigrants coming to Canada in history.

Minister Kenney firmly believes in the importance and necessity of immigrants. Without new, fresh and educated minds in Canada the economy is sure to continue to lumber through the recession. After all, Canada is a nation of immigrants and for hundreds of years has welcomed innovative and clever people to its shores, every one improving the nation over all.

Unlike Canada’s southern neighbors, the United States, Canadian conservatives are actually able to get significant amounts of support from immigrants in elections.

Though simply importing large numbers of immigrants is not necessarily all the government has to do, there must also be a support network that assists in the integration process. Minister Kenney stresses the development of language skills of new immigrants in Canada to facilitate a smooth transition. Immigrants may find many different language schools throughout Canada willing to help.

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