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Canadian Immigration News

Though Canada has a well-earned reputation for multiculturalism and acceptance of people of varied cultural backgrounds people who promote hatred or prejudice are to be turned away at the border.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada introduced the Faster Removal for Foreign Criminals Act over the summer that would give the power to deny entry to certain potential immigrants to the CIC.

The purpose of this act is to prevent violent or intolerant problems in Canada. The enforcement of this act is intended to be discretionary and used sparingly.

An American citizen was recently denied admission to Canada because of his ties with white power and white supremacist movements in the United States.

This is part of a continuing trend with the current conservative Harper Government that is trying to reform the Canadian immigration system. Minister Jason Kenney is the head of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Although many of the reforms have resulted in making immigration laws tougher, the government is also allowing greater numbers of illegal immigrants. The recent mass rejection of thousands of immigration applications was designed to free up the system and effectively start the system over again.

Other reform activities in Citizenship and Immigration Canada include efforts to enact legislation that would do away with the current provision that says that if a person is born in Canada they are automatically Canadian.

This law is unusual in that only two countries in western society have it: Canada and the United States.

Canadian officials in the CIC are concerned that the way the law stands now encourages people to not follow proper immigration law.

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