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How to Immigrate to Canada

Immigrating to Canada is an option being considered by a lot of people the world over. If you want to know how to immigrate to Canada, you need to first understand that there is no one way of doing so. There are several ways through which a person may begin life in Canada.

Immigration Programs for You and Your Family

Now that you have decided to immigrate to Canada, you need to decide under which category you should apply. To make this decision you need to understand the different categories and see which one suits you best. The different categories are as follows:

  • Skilled Workers and Professionals
  • Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Self-Employed People
  • Provincial Nominees
  • Family Class

Skilled Workers and Professionals

The Skilled Workers and Professionals category is for people who want to live and work in Canada. The skilled workers are chosen for permanent residency in Canada based on their educational qualifications, work experience, knowledge of French or English, and certain other requirements that show them to be capable of establishing themselves economically in the country.

Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers

Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers category is for people who want to live and work specifically in Quebec. Quebec establishes its own immigration policies and selection procedures based on the Canada-Quebec Accord on Immigration. Quebec selects those people who it considers will settle well in Quebec and establish themselves economically. If you are a skilled worker who wants to move to Quebec, you need to undergo a different selection process.

Canadian Experience Class

Temporary residents of Canada are considered to be able to make a smoother transition to permanent residents than foreigners coming to Canada for the first time. If you are a temporary worker in Canada or if you are a foreign student who graduated in Canada you can apply for permanent residency under the Canadian Experience Class category as you are already experienced with the way of life in Canada and can contribute to the society and the economy. You need to have sufficient knowledge of English or French and qualifying work experience.

Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Self-Employed People

The Business Immigration Program looks for people with experience in business and who can support the development of Canada enabling a rich and prosperous economy. If you are able to invest C$800,000 or if you can own and manage a business in Canada and meet certain other eligibility and net worth criteria you can apply for permanent residency under this program and immigrate to Canada.

Provincial Nominees

Provincial Nominees are nominated by provinces in Canada. The provinces make their nominations based on your skills, education, and capacity to work and contribute to the immediate betterment of the economy. You will have to contribute through your work to the welfare of the province or territory that nominated you by settling in that province or territory.

Family Class

If you are the spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner, dependent child (including adopted child) or other eligible relative of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, that relative can sponsor you for permanent residency in Canada. Canada encourages family unity and immigration under the Family Class category is Canada’s way of enabling families to live together.

Learning how to immigrate to Canada is the first step in the process. Depending on the category that suits you best, you will have to carry the process forward by understanding the eligibility requirements and application procedures.




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