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How to Replace a Lost Canadian Citizenship Certificate

How to Replace a Lost Canadian Citizenship CertificateYour Canadian citizenship certificate proves your status as a citizen and you may need this documentation to secure a job and benefits in Canada. If you are a citizen by birth, you may be able to prove your status by using your provincial or territorial birth certificate.

If you need a certificate and your citizenship certificate has been lost, stolen, or damaged, you can apply to have it replaced. You will need to file Application for a Citizenship Certificate (adults and minors) (CIT 0001), along with proof of citizenship, two citizenship photos, and the required fees. You will use this same form if your citizenship certificate is no longer accurate.

If you had a citizenship card, your card will be replaced with a certificate when you apply. This is because as of February 1, 2012, citizenship cards are no longer issued. Your current card and older certificates of citizenship are still valid, however.

Can Citizenship Itself Be Lost?

The good news is that if you lose your citizenship certificate, your status as a Canadian remains. However, there are a few situations where your citizenship may be revoked. For example, through a process including the Supreme Court and the Minister, citizenship may be revoked if someone applied for naturalization using fraud or false representations. In addition, treason, terrorism, and other similar activities may be the grounds for taking away someone’s citizenship if they are a dual citizenship holder.

In June 2017, Bill C-6 received Royal Assent. This bill will require the Federal Court to make decisions regarding revocation of citizenship, although individuals can still ask the Minister to make decisions in their case.

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Updated on 6th June 2018.

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