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Canadian Citizenship Application Checklist

test.Applying for Canadian citizenship is a journey with many steps. You will need to establish whether you qualify for citizenship, you will need to meet residency and other requirements, and you will need to apply.

If you are an adult, your application will include Form CIT 0002 (Application for Canadian Citizenship — Adults).

As part of this application package, you will need to ensure you fill out all forms fully and honestly. There is a checklist included with the application package, CIT 0007, to ensure you complete all required parts of the application and include them. You will want to fill out CIT 0007 and mail it along with your application package. Your checklist will include 1:
The fully signed, completed, dated and accurate Form CIT 0002 (Application for Canadian
Citizenship — Adults ).

  • A printout hardcopy of your results from the Physical Presence Calculator or a completely and correctly filled out, dated, and signed Form CIT 0407 (How to Calculate Phial Presence).
  • A photocopy of an approved third-party test result or other approved evidence of your competency in English or French.
    A photocopy of the biographical images from your passport or any other travel documents you have used over the past five years. If your passport validity was extended, you will also need to send photocopies of the pages showing the extension. If you do not have all your travel documents or passports from the last five years, follow step 4.14 of the application and complete question #14 of Form CIT 0002.
  • Two photos which meet all the current requirements for citizenship photos.
  • A photocopy of approved personal identifications which shows your date of birth, name, and photo. You will need to ensure the photocopy shows both sides of the ID document if the identification is printed on both sides.
  • A copy of a receipt showing you have paid your application fees online.

In addition to the above, you may need to include off these items if any of the following apply to you:

  • If any of the documents required in the citizenship application are in a language other than English or French, you will need to have them translated. You will need to include an affidavit from the translator with your application.
  • If you have transitioned, include a completed Form CIT 0404 (Request form for a Change of Sex Designation).
  • If you need to correct your name, date of birth or sex, make sure to follow the instruction guide of the citizenship application to ensure that you include the right documentation.
  • If you have used a representative, include a completed Form IMM 5476 (Use of a
  • If you are exempt from residency requirements because you are a crown servant or the immediate family member of one, include a completed Form CIT 0177 (Residence Outside Canada).
  • If you have lived outside the country in the past four years and have had residency in another country or countries for more than 183 days, include a police clearance or certificate from that country or consult the instructions to explain why such clearance is not available.

Failing to include all needed documentation with your citizenship application can cause delays. To get help in filling out your form, turn to Immigration Direct. The citizenship kit contains all the forms you need along with easy-to-understand instructions and the free citizenship resources can make you feel more confident about applying.

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Updated on 8th May, 2018.

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