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Checking Citizenship Application Status

Permanent Residents of Canada applying for citizenship can check the status of their application online at any time of day from anywhere using the CIC Client Application Status.

This service can only be used if the application for citizenship has already been submitted.Permanent Residency

The application process for citizenship can take up to 35 months if the application is complicated somehow. However, more routine applications can take up to 25 months.

These processing times are not set times and many times the process takes less time. Applicants should still be aware that it can take a long time to process a citizenship application.

The Client Application Status system can also be used by other people involved in the application process such as the parent of an adopted person attempting to get citizenship status.

There are a number of factors that may lengthen the amount of time needed to process an application. Any of the below reasons may contribute to what is called a non-routine application:

  • A request for more information such as a residence questionnaire or additional documentation
  • Questionable qualification for citizenship status (use the online residency calculator made available by the CIC to see if you qualify for citizenship)
  • Incomplete application package
  • Potential criminal or immigration issues
  • Failure of the language or knowledge test required for citizenship in Canada (be sure to study thoroughly!)

There are some instances where an immigration judge may want to conduct a hearing to ensure that an applicant is suitable for citizenship in Canada. This may also lengthen the processing time.

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