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IRCC Introduces New Photo Specifications for Citizenship Applications

IRCC Introduces New Photo Specifications for Citizenship ApplicationsThe IRCC has announced new photo requirements for citizenship applicants using forms CIT0001 and CIT0002. Whether you are a Canadian citizen applying for a citizenship card or certificate or an applicant seeking Canadian citizenship for the first time, you may be affected by these changes.

According to the IRCC, the requested photo changes are now 50x70mm. Before this change, they were 35x45mm. Other requirements for photos will remain the same. Your photos will still need to be taken within the past six months, for example. However, even if you took the photos recently, ensure that they meet the current guidelines and are 50x70mm. Before getting photos for your application completed, ensure your photographer is aware of current photo requirements.

Current Requirements

Your photos must:

  • Place your face in the middle of the photograph, with the top of your shoulders and the full front view of your head visible, with you gazing at the camera straight on with a neutral expression.
  • Have your face sized correctly, so the point from your chin to the top of the head or skull is no larger than 36 mm (1 7/16″) and no smaller than 31 mm (1 1/4″).
  • Include two photos which are identical and taken at the same time.
  • Be printed on good quality photographic paper and must have your name printed on the back, along with the name of the studio or photographer who took the photo, the date the photographs were taken and the address of the studio or photographer.
  • Not be altered and must be taken against a light or pale background.
  • Must be good quality and clear.
  • Clearly show your face, which must be unencumbered by hairpieces, sunglasses or other items which could obscure your appearance. Prescription glasses and religious head coverings are permitted as long as full facial features and eyes remain fully visible.  

It is important to ensure your photos meet all current requirements before you send in your application. Review the instructions that came with the application to ensure your photos are acceptable. If there is a mistake or your photos fail to meet current guidelines, your application cannot be processed until you submit the correct photos. The process of contacting you about the errors and having you send in additional pictures can delay your application.

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Updated on 21st May 2018.

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