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Dual Citizenship in Canada

Dual Citizenship in CanadaCanada allows for dual citizenship. If you are already the citizen of another country and apply for citizenship of Canada, you may be able to retain your original citizenship, provided your nation of origin also allows it. If you have Canadian citizenship and apply for naturalization in another country, you can retain your Canadian citizenship.

You do not need to apply for dual citizenship and there is no certificate offered for this status. If you wish to enjoy two passports, you will need to first ensure that the other nation you would like nationality from permits dual citizenship. Contact the embassy of the other nation to find out their regulations.  

New Rules

As of November 10, 2016, Canada has new rules for dual citizenship. If you hold citizenship of two countries and are traveling to Canada after this date, you will need to travel to Canada with your Canadian passport. You will not be allowed to board your plane without a Canadian passport and you will be required to carry both passports with you.

Previous to this, dual citizens could fly to Canada with a non-Canadian passport. Currently, the only exception to the rule is Canadian-American citizenship holders. If you hold citizenship from both Canada and the United States, you will not need a Canadian passport to enter Canada. However, you will need the appropriate travel documents.

Becoming a Citizen of Two Nations

There are many reasons why you might want to hold two citizenships.  It allows you to maintain a strong tie to another nation and allows you to travel freely between nations. If you spend a lot of time in another country, dual citizenship gives you all the rights of citizenship in another nation so you can study, work, live, and even vote somewhere outside of Canada, too. If you travel often, having dual citizenship potentially allows you to appeal to the national authorities in two countries if you need assistance.

There may also be limits to having citizenship in more than one country. It may mean you have tax obligations to another nation or need to register for mandatory military service. Some countries do not recognize dual citizenship and may not recognize your Canadian passport or may not allow you to get help from Canadian embassies or consulates when you’re abroad. Before deciding on dual citizenship, research some of the possible drawbacks and advantages.

If you are already the citizen of another nation and wish to apply to become a Canadian citizen, you will need to submit an application. Immigration Direct can help you with the process by offering a number of resources for citizenship applicants. We even outline the benefits of Canadian citizenship for you so you can determine whether it’s something you want to pursue. Be sure to check us out, whether you need application support or news and information.

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