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Citizenship and Immigration Canada Website

Citizenship and Immigration Canada, otherwise known as the CIC, is the department of the Canadian government responsible for immigration matters of every stripe.

Immigration Direct can help you get your Permanent Resident Card or apply for citizenship, but you might just be curious about the governmental immigration body in Canada. There are many gems of information hidden within the CIC’s website.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

The media centre is full of information about the programs and efforts of the CIC and its Minister, the Honourable Jason Kenney, which are happening right now. Some of the information you can find includes:

  • News Releases such as updates about Minister Kenney’s recent trips abroad.
  • Backgrounders. Backgrounders are designed to outline the general feel of a particular program that the CIC is releasing.
  • Visually striking Photos and Videos.
  • Success Stories right here in Canada.
  • And an Extensive news archive with information stretching back many years.

In addition to being fully bilingual (with the option in some sections to use other languages) there is an extensive catalogue of all the different departments of the Canadian government that interact with the CIC.

Helpful travel suggestions and guides can be found on Canada’s travel website.

  • You can find travel warnings to help plan your trip.
  • Find out health information for your travels, such as whether or not you should get insurance.
  • Find out border wait times to help smooth your transition from Canada to the United States. Airport security wait times are also available for the same reason.
  • Discover what is allowed and what isn’t allowed on airplanes.

The travel site also offers a variety of information about pertinent issues you may encounter abroad such as culture, laws, geography and climate.

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