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Citizenship and Immigration Canada Offices

When you apply for immigration benefits in Canada you will have to submit your application to one of the various offices located throughout the country for it to be processed. Depending upon where you are located and what kind of application you are pursuing, one office may be more appropriate for your needs than another. Use Immigration Direct to file correctly and avoid any delays in your immigration process!

Four typed of CIC Office

There are four different kinds of offices that are used by the CIC: Case Processing Centres, Centralized Intake Offices, In-Person Offices and Multiculturalism Program Offices.

Case Processing Centres

Each of the different Case Processing Centres handles a different set of applications and it is important to look closely at your form to ensure that you are mailing your application to the correct office.

The four Case Processing Centres are located in Vegreville, Mississauga, Sydney and Ottawa. These centers handle many different applications including:

  • Applications to sponsor family members,
  • PR Card Renewals,
  • PR Card first time applications,
  • Work permits, or
  • Temporary resident status extensions.

The majority of applications for immigration benefits will pass through these centers for processing and are likely the most important to your needs.

Central Intake Offices

The Central Intake Office in Sydney, Nova Scotia, is solely responsible for applications involving the Federal Skilled Worker program. Keep in mind that the rules regarding this class of immigration are changing as of January 2, 2013.

In Person Offices

In Person Offices are available to people who are applying for immigration benefits, but somewhere in the process something has changed. Changes to your personal information, inability to verify your status or if the posted processing time has passed are all reasons that you may need to set up an appointment at one of CIC’s In-Person Offices

There are In-Person Offices located in the following cities:

  • Calgary,
  • Charlottetown,
  • Edmonton,
  • Etobicoke,
  • Fredericton,
  • Halifax,
  • Hamilton,
  • Kitchener,
  • London,
  • Mississauga,
  • Montreal,
  • Niagara Falls,
  • Ottawa,
  • Saskatoon,
  • Scarborough,
  • St. Clair,
  • St. John’s
  • Surrey,
  • Vancouver,
  • Whitehorse,
  • Windsor,
  • Winnipeg, and
  • Yellowknife.

Multiculturalism Program Offices

Canada has the concept of multiculturalism written into its official laws and because of that it often engages in projects that promote the individuality and uniqueness of all different cultures in Canada.

  • Calgary,
  • Charlottetown,
  • Edmonton,
  • Halifax,
  • Hamilton,
  • Moncton,
  • Montreal,
  • St. John’s,
  • Toronto,
  • Vancouver, and
  • Winnipeg.

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