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Canadian Customs: Admissibility Issues

If you decide to immigrate to Canada with Immigration Direct’s assistance you will at some point have to cross the Canadian border and encounter Canadian Customs. When you enter into Canada, regardless of whether you are a Permanent Resident, citizen, visitor, temporary resident, tourist or anything else, you will be subject to some level of examination by customs.

Immigrate to Canada

Sometimes people are considered to be inadmissible to Canada. What this means is that they have done something that Canada considers wrong and therefore the country does not want these people to enter. Examples of inadmissible people:

  • Spies and terrorists will not be allowed to enter Canada. People who are associated with spies or terrorists are likely to be rejected as well.
  • People who have engaged in crimes against humanity, genocide or war crimes will be barred from entry.
  • Serious criminals won’t be allowed to enter either. A serious crime is a crime that would result in a sentence of 10 years or less in prison.
  • Drug dealers or drug traffickers are not going to be allowed to cross the border.
  • International organized criminals will be turned away.
  • Someone who is so sick that they pose a potential threat to the well-being of Canada is going to be determined inadmissible.
  • People who are trying to enter Canada, but unable to support themselves financially are not going to be admitted.
  • People who lie on their applications to enter Canada will be barred. Recently the government has pursued these people even years after they originally entered the country.
  • If you disobey any of the immigration laws while you are in Canada you will not be allowed in the country again for a pre-determined period of time.

Hopefully you don’t have any of these problems and if you don’t Immigration Direct can help you properly file the immigration paperwork to get you into the Fabulous Domain of Canada!

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