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Canadian Multiculturalism and Acceptance of Refugees

Canada is quite proud of its refugee and asylee programs due to its merits as a genuinely humanitarian quest. Whether you happen to be a refugee or just someone who is interested in immigrating to Canada, Immigration Direct can help you through the sometimes difficult process of applying for a visa.

Bill Clinton, the former two term president of the United States and leader of Democratic American thought had something rather profound to say about the nation of Canada:

“In a world darkened by ethnic conflicts that tear nations apart, Canada stands as a model of how people of different cultures can live and work together in peace, prosperity, and mutual respect.”

Indeed, this is true. It seems almost impossible or a pipe-dream to imagine people from a multitude of countries coming together when all you read about in the international newspapers is about constant fighting. Huge crowds of refugees wander the African continent, political captives try to eke out their livings in Asia, and nearly every continent on the planet has masses of people who are just barely trying to get along in their daily lives.

But Canada seems to be almost a paradise. In Canada, not only do refugees live side by side in harmony as former president Clinton says, but they actually improve their lives and begin to climb through the socio-economic ranks to success.

It is Canada’s accepted political position to be an officially multicultural state that makes this possible and makes it easy on immigrants who wish to improve their lives. By recognizing that a multitude of cultures can exist within Canada’s borders immigrants are not forced to immediately conform to mainstream society, but rather ease into it with the assistance of cultural enclaves located throughout the country.

A vast majority of these immigrants choose to go on and become full-fledged Canadians by applying for citizenship when they become eligible. Immigration direct will be there for you, just as it was when you applied for Permanent Residency, to apply for citizenship as well.

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