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Permanent Residents Get Canadian Health Care

One of the great things about being a Permanent Resident in Canada is that you will become eligible for health care three months after landing in your new home. Permanent Residency also allows immigrants to work, live and study anywhere in Canada indefinitely, the only trouble is applying. However, Immigration Direct offers help in filing for Permanent Residency for a nominal fee, so sign up today!

The Canadian health care system is considered to be extremely progressive because of its universality and nearly unanimous approval by Canadians themselves. Everyone in Canada is provided with health care and do not need to concern themselves with the confusion of insurance companies or even medical bills in most cases. Canada’s system also tends to bring down health care costs because medical providers don’t need to compete against each other. This makes the system even more affordable for the government.

The health care system in Canada is of course national, but it is administered by the individual provinces and territories. This means that there is some variation in coverage, but in general most medical bills are covered. Dental care, cosmetic surgery, pharmaceuticals and other ancillary expenses are not necessarily covered, but there is private insurance available if it is absolutely necessary to obtain these services.

Because the health care system is on a provincial basis it is important to register with your province’s health care service when you first come to Canada so that you are covered as soon as possible.

Because Canadians have free health care they are more likely to go to regular check-ups which leads to more preventative care and a reduced overall cost of medical expenses for the entire country.

Apply for your Permanent Resident Card today and take advantage of Canada’s opportunities as soon as possible!

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