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Dual Citizenship, Be both Canadian and American

Dual citizenship is a condition where a certain person is considered to be a citizen of two countries. There are some qualifications to this condition such as how many countries one may belong to or what order of immigration status changes are required, but Western countries generally accept each other’s dual citizenship.

Canada and the United States happen to have one of these relationships. If you have citizenship in either country you can then also become a citizen in the other. Immigration Direct can help you become a Canadian citizen after you become a permanent resident and then, eventually, you can apply to become an American citizen.

In order to become a Canadian citizen you must first live as a Permanent Resident in Canada for a specific period of time. Immigration Direct can help you get your Permanent Resident card as well.

Permanent Residency allows immigrants to live and work in Canada. This status also confers some of the rights allowed to residents of Canada, but only citizens are allowed the full rights of Canada which include the right to vote in elections.

Canadian Citizenship is highly prized and is often found mixed up in some scandal where large numbers of immigrants are deported because they fraudulently obtained citizenship. The current Harper government, with the CIC being run by Minister Kenney, has been particularly strict about cases of immigration fraud and have deported thousands of immigrants this year alone.

This adds to the importance of ensuring that your immigration application is filled out appropriately so that it is not interpreted as being an attempt to defraud the Canadian government.

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