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Immigrate to Beautiful Vancouver, British Colombia

When applying to immigrate to Canada it’s a good idea to consider where you would like to live. Canada, after all, is a very large country, second largest in the world in fact, and depending upon what profession you have you can potentially travel to whatever region or city in Canada that you want. Become a permanent resident and you can live in Vancouver, British Colombia, you could also travel there any time you choose if you wish to live elsewhere.

Vancouver is located on the west coast of Canada on the Pacific Ocean. It is located within a temperate rain forest area. This means that it is significantly cooler than tropical rain forests, but it is still densely forested with coniferous trees and has large amounts of rain year round. It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

Because Vancouver is the largest city on the west coast in Canada it is an extremely important center for international trade. Like most large cities its economy is also very dependent upon high level technology development, banking and financial institutions and tourism. Many people choose to spend their vacations in this lovely Pacific city due to its temperate weather and beautiful forests. This is also the primary reason for it being chosen for use in movie sets which is how it gets the name Hollywood North. It is the third largest city used to film movies in North America, right behind both Los Angeles, California.

Vancouver is also one of the more healthy cities in Canada with only 12% of Vancouverites being obese. This is probably due to the athletic activity of the city which includes marathons, Canadian football and hockey.

Vancouver, much like the rest of Canada is a lovely place to live and as a new permanent resident you will be sure to be welcomed into the fold any time.

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