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Immigration and the Economy

Citizenship and Immigration Canada place a special kind of importance on the economy when considering future immigrants. The immigration system in Canada prefers those who are able to get a job and contribute to society in an economic way, so it is important when applying for a visa to Canada to consider what kind of job you will be performing within the country.

Hundreds of years ago when Canada was a barely cohesive colony of the French or, later, the British, trapping pelts was the primary trade that one could get involved in other than being a missionary. However, today’s Canada has one of the largest economies in the world, which is fitting considering its sheer size. Though most of this very successful economy is concerned with the service industries it also has a significant amount of logging, mining and agricultural work to be done.

In fact, there are so many different opportunities in such a diverse range of jobs within Canada that they cannot all be possibly mentioned here in this blog today, instead we will concentrate on some of the more famous or important industries of Canada.

In terms of natural resources Canada has absolutely massive reserves of a wide variety of materials and there are more areas being discovered all the time. Large quantities of rare metals and materials, logging in British Colombia, petroleum extraction all over the country, etc., the list goes on. While there has been recent resistance in terms of reaching some of the resources located farther north, one could easily argue that it is a special opportunity for the country to find a way to access these resources without damaging the environment. The technology needed to do this may be emerging right now.

The service industry jobs available are within retail, banking, finance, and real estate and high tech research industries. While the manufacturing sector of the Canadian economy is not as large as the other areas it still maintains a large amount of car and airplane manufacturing in the Plains Provinces. The Plains are also where a significant part of Canada’s agriculture comes from.

If you happen to have some experience in a field that Canada already engages in you may find it easier to get a job and you should try to apply for the job before you apply for a Permanent Resident Card to immigrate to Canada.

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