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Grandparents and Parents Visiting Canada: Super Visa Income Requirements in 2018

Grandparents and Parents Visiting CanadaThe Super Visa is a special visa available to grandparents and parents who wish to visit family in Canada. Unlike other types of visitor visas, the Super Visa allows for a longer stay, fewer fees and repeat applications, and multiple re-entries. If you qualify for this visa, you can visit Canada for up to two years without having to apply to renew your status. You can also enjoy multiple entries into Canada for up to ten years.   

Not everyone qualifies for a Super Visa. To qualify, you must:

  • Be eligible to enter Canada
  • Be the grandparent or parent of someone who is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada
  • Show you will be financially supported while in Canada

There are also other qualification considerations. Immigration officials will look at your financial means and other markers of stability to ensure you are unlikely to remain in Canada past your visa. In addition, you must pass a medical exam, have medical insurance in Canada, and meet other requirements as needed.

Understanding Income Requirements

One of the basic things you will need to prove when trying to apply for a Super Visa is that your child or grandchild has enough money to support you and his or her household while you’re in Canada, without you needing a job or social assistance. The income requirements change each year.

For 2017, the income requirements require your child or grandchild to have an income above $24,600 if they live alone. They must have an income above $30,625 for a two-person household, an income above $37,650 for a three-person household, an income above $45,712 for a four-person household, an income above for a $51,846 five-person household, an income above $58,473 for a six-person household, and an income above $65,101 for a seven-person household. If the household is larger than seven persons, add $6,628 per person.

Keep in mind these income requirements will be updated periodically due to inflation and other factors. Check to ensure you meet current minimum requirements. Also, keep in mind that these are minimums. If your child’s or grandchild’s income falls below these limits, you cannot secure a Super Visa. However, even if your child meets these minimums it is not guaranteed your application for a visa will be accepted.

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Updated on 16th May 2018.

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