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What is a Guarantor

Citizenship in CanadaGuarantors are people who are able to affirm that you are who you say you are when applying for a Canadian Passport.

A guarantor’s signature is necessary to get a passport.

Guarantors must sign a document called the Declaration of Guarantor. This form is included in the passport application package.

They must also sign to the back of one of the passport photographs you are submitting these exact words “I certify this to be a true likeness of (your name)”.

Ethical considerations apply to the guarantor’s duties. Not only must they not be paid for doing this, but they must also be able to do it without any help from the applicant.

The procedures are in place to protect the identity security of all Canadian citizens.

Requirements of Guarantors

In order to be eligible to be a guarantor for a passport applicant, these people have to be able to meet some basic requirements.

  • Guarantors must be Canadian citizens over the age of 18 and have applied for their own passport when they were at least 16
  • Guarantors must be able to communicate with Passport Canada and provide their passport information.
  • Guarantors must have a valid passport, or, only a recently expired passport (one year)
  • Guarantors must also have known the person they are signing for for at least two years.

When looking for a guarantor it is a good idea to ask one’s friends and family who have lived in Canada if they would mind helping you get your passport.

Members of your religious community might also be a good idea for guarantors.

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