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Immigration Statuses in Canada

Immigration TypesIn a broad, generalized sort of way, there are three different kinds of immigration Status in Canada.

This list excludes people who are out of status, like those who are in removal proceedings or have expired immigration documents.

Temporary Resident

People who are only in Canada for a short, temporary period of time are considered temporary residents. The visa in their passports has a date by which they need to leave or else risk becoming out of status.

Students, some workers, tourists and business travellers are all types of temporary residents.

Some people do not need to obtain visas in order to visit Canada temporarily.

Permanent Resident

Permanent Residents are immigrants who have received the right to live and work on a more or less permanent basis in Canada.

There are many different ways by which someone can get permanent residency including employment, family relationships, schooling in Canada or asylum.

Permanent Residency cannot be revoked without a reason specifically stated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Permanent Residents are granted documents called Permanent Resident Cards, which allow them to apply for public benefits and return to Canada after travelling abroad.

Although the PR Card may expire, the immigrant’s status does not.


Citizens are full members of Canadian society and government.

Many people are born citizens of Canada simply by being born within its boundaries, but immigrants must apply for citizenship after satisfying certain requirements.

In order for an immigrant to become eligible for citizenship they must have Permanent Residency for a certain number of years and be able to pass a couple of knowledge tests.

Citizenship cannot be revoked unless it is determined that fraud was involved in the application for citizenship.

Citizens are allowed to carry Canadian passports.

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