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Replacing Immigration Documents

Immigration documents are proof of status in Canada and are necessary when applying for certain benefits or even a job.

The Canadian government understands that these documents can become lost, stolen or damaged and allow immigrants to replace certain documents rather easily.

Canada ImmigrationAs long as the document is both valid and current, the following documents can be replaced with help from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

  • Form IMM 0056, Certificate of Departure
  • Form IMM 1000, IMM 5292, Immigrant visa and record of landing or the confirmation of permanent residence
  • Form IMM 1097, Visitor Record
  • Form IMM 1102, Work Permit
  • Form IMM 1208, Study Permit
  • Form IMM 1214, Exclusion Order
  • Form IMM 1215, Deportation Order
  • Form IMM 5238, Departure Order
  • Form IMM 1263, Permit to Come into or Remain in Canada
  • Form IMM 1203, Authorization to return to Canada pursuant to section 52 (1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

How to Replace an Immigration Document

If any of the above immigration forms have been lost stolen or damaged you can have it replaced by contacting the Query Response Centre in Ottawa, Ontario.

Simply submit a Verification of Status or Replacement of an Immigration Document to the Response Centre.

Replacing a Permanent Resident Card is a little more complicated and is dependent on where you may be.

If the Card is lost, stolen or damaged in Canada you can apply with Citizenship and Immigration Canada for $50.

However, if the PR Card is lost, stolen or damaged outside of Canada you will have to visit the nearest visa office. These departments are typically attached to foreign Canadian Missions.


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