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Canada Tourism Visa

 Do You Need a Visa?

People who want to come to Canada for a visit may or may not have to obtain a visa first. In many cases a person can enter Canada just under the strength of their passport.

In other cases, where they may have to obtain a visa first, the process is relatively simple. It is also pretty inexpensive to obtain a visa to Canada.

Typically, if visiting, you’re only allowed to stay within the country for six months before you need to apply for an extension. You can also leave Canada and apply for a more permanent status from abroad.Tourism in Canada

Sights to See!

Canada is a gorgeous and vast country with a multitude of landscapes. Here are some of the things you may want to see in beautiful Canada:

  • Well-kept and huge national parks from ocean to ocean
  • Sprawling metropolises, cultural centers and fantastic architecture.
  • Beautiful natural wonders like Niagara Falls
  • Preserved old world sites, including a Viking village on the Eastern coast of Canada

How to Get Around

There are many different ways to travel throughout Canada to see everything you want to:

  • Backpacking or bicycle riding should probably only be undertaken in the warmer months
  • Airplanes run all across Canada and are convenient for coast to coast trips.
  • Renting a car or recreational vehicle to get around.
  • There are many train lines throughout Canada and there is even one that runs from Toronto all the way to British Colombia!

Thinking of More Permanent Arrangements?

If on your visit to Canada you decide you want to make your stay more permanent next time there are many different options that you can consider. However, as a visitor to Canada, you will be required to leave the country before applying for any of these benefits:

  • Study in Canada
  • Work in Canada
  • Immigrate to Canada
  • Become a citizen in Canada!

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