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Marriage and Citizenship

Contrary to popular belief, one does not automatically become a citizen as soon as they marry a Canadian citizen.

Citizenship in Canada is a coveted status that requires all potential applicants to meet certain requirements before they are given a certificate of citizenship.

It is true that it is much easier to get citizenship if you are married to a Canadian citizen, but there are still the main citizenship requirements to fulfill.

Citizenship Requirements

In order to become a citizen, you must be able to meet certain requirements:

  • You must be a Permanent Resident of Canada. This can be achieved much easier if you are already married to a US citizen.
  • You must be proficient in one of the official languages of Canada. Being able to read, write, speak and listen to either English or French is mandatory for Canadian citizenship.
  • You will have to pass a test that examines your knowledge of Canadian government and history. Studying for this test is probably a good idea.
  • You must be able to meet certain eligibility requirements. The Canadian government would like to see that you are already living in Canada and will likely continue to do so.

Citizenship Process

For spouses of Canadian citizens who wish to become citizens, the process will look something like this:

  1. Confirm marriage (make it official in the eyes of a government organization.)
  2. Become a Permanent Resident of Canada.
  3. Wait a while, study the language, learn about the country.
  4. Apply for Citizenship.
  5. Take and pass the citizenship tests.
  6. Take the Oath of Allegiance and celebrate your new citizenship!

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