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Canada’s Start-Up Visa

Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Jason Kenny, spent some time in the United States last week promoting Canada’s most exciting immigration visa.

The new Start-Up Visa will help Canada attract the world’s best and brightest entrepreneurs to build businesses, create jobs, and fuel economic growth,” Minister Kenney said in a news release from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
Silicon Valley, where Minister Kenney visited, is located in the United States, in California in particular, and is the symbolic center of innovation in computing and information technologies. Minister Kenney’s visit can also be looked upon as being symbolic, as the visa he is promoting is attempting to draw the types of people in Silicon Valley, perhaps making a center of computing and information technology in Canada itself.

The entire point of the new visa, and indeed the many programs put in place by the Harper government by Minister Kenney, is to attract people into Canada who can contribute to the overall health of the Canadian economy.

An important part of developing a competitive and successful economy is the ability of a country to attract intelligent people who are willing to create potentially successful business adventures. This requires two general things:

  • Ease of immigration. It has to be somewhat easy for people who have the skills needed for a competitive market to enter the country.
  • Ease of start-up. When the innovators enter the country, the business envirionment should be such to encourage the success and growth of industry and innovation.

Canada hopes that it will be able to accomplish both of these things with their immigration program.

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