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Canada Processing Times

Processing times are the estimated length of time it will take for a particular form to be processed and approved. You can use the processing times available through Citizenship and Immigration Canada to get an approximate amount of time you must wait in order to get certain immigration benefits.

It is important to note that these are estimates and that a variety of conditions will affect the total amount of time you may have to wait before you receive a visa, immigration document or citizenship. More complex or higher-level immigration services (such as citizenship or initial applications for immigration) will typically take more time to process than lower-level immigration (such as visitor visas) documents.

Another important factor in the speed at which you may receive immigration services is the pathway by which you apply. The wait times for online applications are significantly shorter than those for paper mail-in applications.

Below we have some of the processing times for some of the online immigration services. The times are cited from Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website.

Visitor visas: 47 days.

Student visas: 36 days.

Initial Work Permits: 35 days.

Canada Experience Class (CEC) immigration visas: 13 months.

Visas for live-in Caregivers: 38 months.

Spouse visas: 30 days.

Parent or Grandparent Supervisas: These applications take up to 55 months to process. That is approximately 4 years and 7 months.

Initial Permanent Resident Cards: 55 days.

Renewals or Replacements of already extant Permanent Resident Cards: 90 days.

There are many more immigration services which have estimated processing times, but these are often broken down by the office at which they are being filed. For more specific immigration processing times query the office at which you sent your application.

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