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CIC News Update: Canadian Experience Class

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has very proudly announced that a record number of immigrants (9,253) entered the country on the Canadian Experience Class program.

This was aided in part by the Canadian government’s recent efforts to make it easier for highly skilled and valuable immigrants to immigrate and stay in Canada. This is particularly focused on international students who graduated from Canadian institutions of higher education or who have participated in temporary work programs.

Canada has a long tradition as a frontier, a place of adventurous exploration and even though those times seemed to have passed, they really haven’t. The frontier has simply shifted into higher technology.

Canada needs service-people, financiers, oil workers, geologists and anyone else who may have something to contribute to the country’s economy. Working Permanent Residents

The Canadian Experience Class program is for temporary foreign workers or international students who have worked for 12 months (full-time) within 36 months. There are a variety of jobs and professions which are acceptable for this program and are available on the CIC’s website.

After the initial work experience has been completed, immigrants are granted Permanent Residency in Canada. This means that they will be able to live, work, study and travel freely throughout Canada.

There is no expiration date on the status of Permanent Residency, however there is an expiry date on the document itself. Renewing a Permanent Residency Card is easy with the help of Immigration Direct.

After a period of time in Canada, Permanent Residents can apply for full citizenship which would mean that they would no longer need to carry around their PR Cards and their status cannot be taken away from them, provided that they did not receive their citizenship under fraudulent circumstances.

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