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New Website for Service Canada

All Canadian government websites will be updating their websites for easier readability and better access. This will include Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Below are some of the new features of the Service Canada website. People looking for online assistance in any of Canada’s departments can expect very similar changes on the rest of the websites.

  • “I Want to”—this section will lead you to the more popular services available on Service Canada.
  • “Top Searches”—what are people searching for on Service Canada? Here are listed the top ten internal searches.
  • “My Service Canada Account”—sign into your account for more information.Service Canada
  • “Life events”—are you having a baby? Find out what you’ll need to do with Service Canada.
  • “Featured Content”—stakeholders select certain programs that they think that clients should know about.
  • “Benefits Finder”—search for what benefits you may be eligible for!
  • The website can be toggled into French at any time by selecting “Français” in the upper right hand corner. You will also be able to access the Government homepage, Service Canada homepage and the various government departments with this button.
  • A new feature, named “the breadcrumb path” by Service Canada, is useful for backtracking through your browsing experience.

When looking for a particular service, there are several ways to search for the service that you need. Below are the several different ways that Service Canada has chosen to organize these searches.

  • By audience. Certain groups of people will be looking for certain services. See if you fit into one of these groups.
  • By subject. Browse Service Canada’s drop down list of subjects.
  • The A to Z Services Index. All government programs are alphabetized and listed here for your convenience.
  • By life event. Certain life events prompt the need for certain services. Find the one appropriate for your case there.
  • By video. Videos online help you get through necessary processes with more visual assistance.

There are many other services available on the new website, above are only some of the new features.

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