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Canadian Border Crossings

Canada and the United States share the largest border between two nations in the world. As a result there are quite a few border crossings where travelers are sometimes examined.

Citizens of Canada are allowed to travel between Canada and the United States rather freely. Permanent Residents are asked to have appropriate travel documents when they cross the border and maintain a valid Permanent Resident Card.

Below is a list of some of the larger border crossings between Canada and the United States. The cities are on the Canada side of the Border.

Border Crossing US to Canada


Alberta has six major border crossings. Major ones are located at chief Mountain, Carway, Del Bonita, Coutts and Aden. Alberta shares a border with Montana only.

British Colombia:

British Colombia shares a border with Alaska, Washington, Idaho and Montana and has many major border crossings. Some of the larger ones are located in Beaver Creek, Fraser, Stewart, Douglas, Kingsgate and Roosville.


Manitoba shares a border with both North Dakota and Minnesota and has several border crossings, some include Cartwright, Crystal City, Emerson, Tolstoi, South Junction and Sprague.

New  Brunswick:

New Brunswick shares a border only with Main at Clair, Edmundston, Saint-Leonard, Grand Falls, Fosterville, Forest City, Saint Croix, St. Stephen and Milltown.


The provincial home of the capital of Canada has borders with Minnesota, Michigan and New York and has border crossings at Fort Frances, Sault Ste. Marie, Windsor, fort Erie and two at Niagara Falls.


Canada’s Francophonic province, Quebec, shares a border with New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Major border crossings to the United States include Dundee, Lacolle, Clarenceville, Highwater, Stanhope, Chartierville, and Armstrong.


Saskatchewan shares a border only with Montana and North Dakota at Climax, Coronach, Torquay, Estevan and Northgate.


The Yukon shares a US border with Alaska and crossings exist only at two places: Little Gold Creek and Beaver Creek.

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