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Canadian Refugee Visa

Here at Immigration Direct we will occasionally address current events in Canadian Immigration to help you be better informed on immigration processes. Whether you are applying for Permanent Residency or Citizenship, or maybe just renewing your PR Card we want to make sure that you are in the know about relevant news items in Canada.

The current conservative government in Canada, represented by Minister Jason Kenney in Citizenship and Immigration Canada, has been very serious in late years about strictly enforcing immigration laws in Canada. The most recent large breech in border security conveniently made a new power available to the government that allowed Kenney to take special measures against the border crossers.

Though many of the people transmitted across the border are, indeed, legitimate refugees if they cross the border illegally they could also be exploited within Canada’s borders. The sheer cost of  crossing the border illegally often puts refugees into enormous amounts of debt to criminal businesses which in turn ask them to commit crimes to pay back their debts. This vicious circle of criminality is something that the Canadian government is attempting to hamper.

Over the past six months the refugee and asylee visa system has changed in order to limit the potential occurrence of exploitation of either immigrants or the immigration system.  First of all the entire system has been sped up in an attempt to both protect legitimate applicants quicker and to remove fraudsters faster. Applicants will now be able to appeal decisions in some circumstances as well.

If someone decides to appeal for humanitarian or compassionate grounds, the rules have become a little different for that as well. In fact the structural changes that the government is making will have an impact that will last years and it is very important that if you are applying for refugee status you must be very careful to follow the rules exactly.


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