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Immigration in Canada: Alexander Graham Bell

There are many truly impressive minds from all over the world, but sometimes they aren’t allowed to shine as they should simply because of their homeland’s circumstances. Apply to become a Permanent Resident in Canada and open up a world of possibilities for yourself as so many other famous immigrants have in the past.

Alexander Graham Bell was born and raised in Scotland, but during his early twenties he immigrated to Canada and would eventually become extremely famous for inventing the telephone. Though the Bell Telephone Company and the telephone itself were his most famous inventions, they were not the only amazing things he did with his life. Bell was a truly impressive thinker and an exemplary Canadian.

As a young boy and the progeny of generations of elocutionists and educators of deaf people, he expressed an early interest in both sound and speech and developed early mechanisms for making objects seemingly speak human words. His experiments became even more developed as he worked as an educator for the deaf in Ontario. In 1876 the very first human words were spoken over two miles on a wire sparking a world of amazing possibilities for all of humankind.

It is Bells very invention that has made our current world, so full of telecommunications, possible. Without him there would likely be no radio, television or internet connections! Nowadays it is hard to imagine a world without those things.

Bell invented other things, always overshadowed by his most famous invention, but groundbreaking nonetheless. He invented metal detectors and devices for detecting icebergs at sea. He even used a rudimentary air conditioning system at his home using a blower that fed air over blocks of ice into his house.

If Bell had never left Scotland would he have ever invented such impressive devices? It is hard to say, but with the opportunity made available to Canadian immigrants it’s hard to say no.

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