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Canadian Immigration System – Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act

A new legislation to speed up the removal of foreign criminals from Canada was introduced by the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Jason Kenney. This legislation will enhance Canada’s safety and security. According to Kenney, the foreign criminals, through their endless appeals, delay their removal from Canada and during that time, they continuously terrify the innocent Canadians. Kenney also added that the Canadians who are generous are unable to tolerate the criminals and fraudsters. This new legislation focuses on three main areas. This legislation will help the Canadian government and make it easier to remove dangerous foreign criminals from the country. This Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act will not allow the people who pose a threat, to enter Canada. It will also remove barriers for genuine visitors to visit Canada.

Through this law, the Government will streamline the process of deporting convicted criminals by preventing them from approaching the Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board. Through this, the amount of time that the criminals will remain in the country will also be reduced to a great extent. It will be reduced to 14 months hence reducing their chances of committing more crime in Canada. Foreign citizens who are inadmissible into Canada on certain serious grounds will not be able to delay their removal from Canada. They will also not be able to apply for a program that is meant for cases which deserve humanitarian consideration.

Other amendments include providing protection and security to the Canadians and it also includes a ministerial authority through which temporary entry into Canada may be refused for exceptional cases and penalties will be increased for those who try to cheat the system. This new law will ease the temporary entry of individuals with low-risk. Low-risk individuals are people who had been refused entry into Canada due to the reason that their family members were considered to be inadmissible into Canada for health related grounds and not for security reasons. According to Minister Kenney, the new legislation and the new measures are fair but tough. He also said that the immigration system that they need must be open to authentic visitors. Similarly the immigration system must be strict towards foreign criminals and it must not allow them to enter Canada.

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