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Fingerprinting Services

Information for Citizenship Applicants on Fingerprinting Services

Permanent residents of Canada who have resided in Canada for at least three of the last four years and who meet other eligibility requirements can apply for Canadian citizenship. Applying for Canadian citizenship includes submitting a citizenship application along with the government fees and supporting documents. After processing the application the applicant will be called for a fingerprinting appointment. Once this is completed, the process involves the applicant taking the citizenship test and interview and on passing this, taking the oath to become a Canadian citizen.

Let us see how to go about the fingerprinting process.

Who takes the fingerprints of the applicants?

The applicant can have their fingerprints taken through the:

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP);
  • local police service; or
  • RCMP accredited fingerprinting agency.

What are the methods used for fingerprinting?

There are two methods used for fingerprinting: the digital method and the ink and roll method.

What is the difference between the two methods?

The digital fingerprinting method can be processed quickly where as the ink and roll method is the traditional method and takes a longer time to process.

How can one find an RCMP accredited fingerprinting agency?

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has listed the following accredited digital fingerprinting agencies on its website:

  • ClearNeed Information Systems Inc.
  • Commissionaires Fingerprinting and Identification Services
  • L-1 Identity Solutions
  • National Pardon Centre

Applicants are advised to choose an agency and find the service closest to them.

Persons who do not have access to digital fingerprinting services close to their homes can contact their local citizenship offices, the police department or the RCMP detachment in their area to locate ink and roll fingerprinting agencies.

Applicants are requested to pay the fingerprinting fees irrespective of what method of fingerprinting is used.

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