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CIC – New Websites and Widgets

IQN Website

Citizenship and Immigration Canada launched a new website, the International Qualification Network (IQN), to promote the newer and different methods in the assessment and recognition of foreign worker qualifications.

“The Government of Canada is committed to improving the process of recognizing foreign worker qualifications, and the IQN website will help find solutions that will allow immigrants to integrate better into the Canadian labour market,” said Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

The IQN Advisory Council, made up of people who represent the different provinces, employers, and post-secondary educational institutions from across Canada, was instrumental in creating the IQN website. Through IQN, employers and other organizations serving immigrants can share resources and keep the workers updated on conferences, workshops and events.

Online Widgets at CIC

In a different effort to improve communications between CIC and its partners and service providers of CIC around the world, CIC launched a new tool called, “What’s New at CIC?” This widget allows users to display content from the CIC website on their own websites, blogs or social media pages. This widget helps people stay informed with developments at the CIC.

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