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Declare your common-law marriage for immigration

Declare your common-law marriage for immigration

If you have a common-law union, you may need to file this form to get immigration benefits for your partner.

What is Form IMM 5409?

The Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union, Form IMM 5409, is used by people who wish to claim their common-law partner in their immigration applications.

This form can be used with a variety of applications such as:

Who can use Form IMM 5409?

This form is to be used specifically for applicants who have common-law partners

What are the requirements?

In order to be able to use this form and declare a common-law partner, you will need to be common law partners for at least one year and supply supporting documents that show that you are in a committed relationship. Documents that you can use include:

  • Property agreements with both you and your common-law partner
  • Proof of joint bank accounts
  • Life insurance policies

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