What is Form IMM 5710?

Form IMM 5710, Application to Change Conditions, Extend your Stay or Remain in Canada as a Worker, is used by foreign students in Canada to extend the validity of their work permits.

This form can also be used to extend the validity of your work permit after you’ve graduated from a Canadian educational facility, as long as you do not exceed the maximum of four years of temporary work in Canada.

Be sure to file for your work permit extension at least 90 days in advance of the expiry of your permit to ensure that your permission to work does not lapse.

Who should apply using Form IMM 5710?

If you have

  • A study permit
  • A valid work permit
  • And less than four years of work in Canada

You can use Form IMM 5710 to apply for a work permit extension as a student.

What are the requirements for filing IMM 5710?

To get an extension of your work authorization as a student in Canada, you will need to meet certain requirements and submit supporting documentation with your application. Applicants will need to show that they

  • Will leave Canada when their employment is complete
  • Can can continue to support themselves financially while in Canada
  • Do not have a criminal record (this is achieved with police clearance certificates if necessary)
  • Are healthy (a medical examination can show this)
  • Will not work for an ineligible employer
  • Have not worked in Canada for four years since April 1, 2011.

Documents that may be required for a work permit extension include:

  • An Offer of Employment to a Foreign National Exempt from a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  • A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  • Evidence that you are eligible for the job you wish to work
  • An employment contract in some circumstances

Forms you may also have to file