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Can I Use My Birth Certificate to get into Canada

BCIC Visasirth certificates are often used as proof of nationality in immigration systems and can be used to enter Canada under certain circumstances.

Below we will discuss some immigration statuses and whether or not you can use your birth certificate to get into Canada.

Citizens of Canada

Native born citizens of Canada typically have Canadian birth certificates. These documents are often used to identify a person as a Canadian citizen and to prove they have the right to be in the country.

If you have a Canadian birth certificate you can use it to get into Canada at any time.

Citizens of Commonwealth Countries or the United States

Most people from other countries are not allowed to enter Canada under the strength of their birth certificates alone.

Citizens of commonwealth countries such as Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom, or the United States may be allowed to enter Canada without a visa, but they typically need to have their passport with them at the border crossing or port-of-entry.

Permanent Residents

Because Permanent Residents have birth certificates from other countries they cannot use that document to enter Canada. However, birth certificates remain a crucial piece of identification.

Permanent Residents who wish to re-enter Canada must have their Permanent Resident Card and their passport.

If you are a Permanent Resident of Canada abroad and your PR Card has expired, you should contact a nearby Canadian consulate to get a document that will allow you to re-enter Canada.

Other Groups of Travelers

Most people cannot come to the Canadian border with nothing but their birth certificate and expect to be admitted automatically. It is very important that these people go through the process of obtaining an appropriate visa if it is necessary.

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