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Student Visa Legislation News

It is widely agreed upon that foreign students and workers are integral to a well-functioning and multicultural society and government. This is why Minister Kenney of Citizenship and Immigration Canada is introducing new legislation regarding the Canadian study permit.

These new regulations would make it so that study visas would only be given to organizations that are approved by the province in which it resides. Considering that the province or territory which houses the organization is more likely to know whether or not it is fraudulent, it makes sense to place this responsibility on that government.

“There are too many stories of international students who pay a lot of money and leave their families back home to study in Canada, only to find out they have been misled,” Minister Kenney said in a recent press release.

Student Visa to Canada

This new legislation would also track students to make sure that they are in fact studying in Canada as opposed to simply immigrating on a study visa.

Canada is already a highly regarded country for immigration, and particularly student visas. Canadian immigration law is specifically designed to help students immigrate.

The path that the government would prefer most to take is for them to start with student visas where they will learn skills, languages and other culturally relevant things important in Canada.

Then they would move into the Skilled Worker Program which allows them to work in the field that they studied as a student in a Canadian school and provides them with Permanent Residency. After a period of about three years as a Permanent Resident they can apply to become official citizens of Canada.

The new study visas would also allow students to work part-time off-campus. Most governments only allow foreign students to work on-campus, so this new provision may prove to be very helpful.

“Canadian education and their language skills are important factors for success,” Minister Kenney says of foreign students pursuing full immigration.

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