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More than 500,000 Visitor Visas Issued by Canada

Canada welcomes people from various countries as students, temporary workers, and tourists, apart from allowing citizens from other countries to become permanent residents and citizens of Canada. More than 35 million people are found to visit Canada every year. Canada has seen a record number of visitor visas, this year. It has issued over 500,000 visas to visitors who had applied to enter into Canada, as temporary visitors. This was announced by Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism. This is a good news for the Canadian tourism industry. He said that Canada is the best country in the world and so many people around the world wish to visit Canada. The vibrant cities and wilderness draw the international visitors to Canada.

The visas being issued in the current year show a significant increase in the number of visitor visas issued last year. Only 450,000 visitor visas were issued in the year 2011. Now the tourist season in Canada is in full swing and Canada looks forward to grant more than one million visitor visas to international travelers, by the end of this year. The visas granted to students and temporary workers do not come under the visitor visas. The figure 500,000, does not include the citizens of other countries and the ninety percent of the visitors who do not need a visa to travel to Canada. CIC also focuses on the safety of the Canadian citizens while maintaining the social and economic prosperity of Canada and encouraging tourism.

Hence, Canada is said to have the most generous and liberal immigration program in the world. Canada is also becoming a popular destination in the world for more than 500,000 visitors from various countries across the globe. As Canada has already issued half a million visitor visas so far, it is likely to grant over a million visitors visas by the end of the year 2012, to international travelers.

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