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Apply to Extend Study Permit in Canada Using Form IMM 1249

Apply to Extend Study Permit in Canada Using Form IMM 1249

About Form IMM 1249

Form IMM 1249 is used by individuals who want to file for a extension of their study permit in Canada. Individuals submit form IMM 1249 to change conditions or to extend their stay in Canada as students. This application is for temporary residents who reside currently reside in Canada as students.

It is also important to note that individuals must apply for renewal before the expiration date of their current status.

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Who Should Apply

Study Permit Extension for Canada using Form IMM 1249 is reserved for students who are classed as temporary residents who have been legally authorized to enter Canada for temporary study.

Application Form IMM 1249 is for temporary residents who already reside in Canada and request the following:

  • extend their stay as a student
  • change conditions of their stay as a student
  • change their class, or
  • correct problems in their status.

individuals holding valid current temporary resident status can apply for an extension of their stay, provided they apply at least 30 days before the expiry date of their current status.


In order to qualify for a Study Permit Extension for Canada individuals must meet the following requirements from within Canada:

Persons who can apply for a Study Permit Extension from within Canada are:

  • holders of valid work or study permits and their family members;
  • holders of temporary resident permits (TRP), valid for a minimum of six months, and their family members;
  • refugee claimants and persons subject to an unenforceable removal order;
  • in-Canada permanent resident applicants and their family members who are members of the following classes, determined eligible for permanent residents (PR) status;
    • *live-in caregiver, spouse or common-law partner, protected persons, and humanitarian and compassionate considerations (H&C);
  • persons whose study permits were authorized by a visa office abroad, where the permit was not issued at a port of entry;
  • family members of athletes on a Canadian-based team, media representatives, members of the clergy, or military personnel assigned to Canada.

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